Karate Club 9. Zmaj (9th Dragon) was founded on 9 November, 2009 in Rijeka. The club cultivates the traditional Okinawian Karate-Do style Shohe-Ryu (Uechi-Ryu) and it has been a member of Croatian Karate Association since 2010. The members of the club are children and young enthusiasts who put in a great deal of effort to learn and develop karate skills and to encourage others to this active, demanding and challenging way of life.

Our goals:

The plan, the activities and the goals of the Club are determined by the Statute. The goals of the club are numerous and they involve: spreading the traditional Okinawan skills and culture, as well as attaching the above mentioned values to a modern, urban person, the improvement of health and the quality of life of the participants, the improvement of physical condition, humanizing interpersonal relations and enrichment of free time, developing and strengthening the body and the spirit, encouraging and developing the positive thinking as well as the feeling of solidarity towards the others, developing superior sport creativity, developing multiple sport personality of the participants.

Our vision:

Our vision is to spread the Okinawian skills and spiritual values among the future generations of the performers of Shohei-Ryu/Uechi-Ryu style.

Our mission:

Our mission is to foster the culture of health and contribute to a larger social community by developing balanced individuals through the principle of strong body and mind, to connect all the karate performers of all ages, to create the environment of mutual respect through the full process of collective studying in which every individual, regardless of his or her rank, learns and teaches simultanously (the knowledge of all the participants is valuable and it helps to improve the group!).

Spiritual value oif karate-do:

Beside the values of physical training and self-defence of the Okinawa karate-do, its spiritual value arises from the creation of complete integral personality of the person: the moral development as well as the development in using concentration, which is essential in our everyday life. The state of calmness and fine judgement, which is obtained by long-term and persistent training in Spirit, enables us to confront everyday problems.